Air Freight

Delivering your air freight on time is critical. With RCP Trading strategic partnership, and with dedicated global teams monitoring air shipments 24/7, we proactively make sure your time-sensitive cargo arrives at its final destination as planned. Our air freight services are your best option as we offer daily worldwide departures. So regardless if you are shipping perishables, hazardous cargo or any other commodity that needs to be delivered fast and on time, we have a solution for you. Our combination of cost-effectiveness and cargo monitoring from the collection at origin, movement of cargo, customs clearance at destination and delivery to clients is one of the most dependable assets.

Transporting air freight cargo is more than moving cargo from A to B. Customs clearance, security, license requirements, and regulations are just some of the necessary and time-consuming steps that need to be completed to avoid delays, potential fines or penalties. With RCP Trading, we can help mitigate all the tough process and ensure your goods are moved quickly. Our well-trained air freight experts have first-hand knowledge of local conditions, rules, and regulations and use this knowledge to handle all administration and documentation procedures for you – in any part of the world.

RCP Trading also provides door to door service to Nigeria.

Your benefits

Choosing to partner with RCP Trading as your Air Freight company offers loads of benefit that creates unlimited opportunities and possibilities.

  • Safe and Secure freight process
  • Manage all your document and administrative processes
  • We offer and implement updated business knowledge on the industry
  • Our strategic partnership with airlines and ports across the world aids our speedy process
  • We are a reputable and trustworthy company Practicing the highest industry standards